September 21, 2023

Mooyadada is a rising independent artist that delivers his craft and lyrical wordplay like a veteran in combat. His carefully selected and written words will illustrate his every feeling from the start to the final bar. Mooyadada is a proud resident and multi homeowner from Boston Ma.

Mooyadada has been selected to showcase for Coast 2 Coast Djs, Coalition D.j’s, and numerous venues around the U.S. Mooyadada has over 400 songs written and is open to Ghostwrite for any artist or label that’s looking to sharpen their writing department.

Mooyadada is currently accepting feature requests, virtual interviews, and radio interviews. If you love well-written, premium hip hop then you’re about to witness it at its best. Listen and add his single “Never Wanna See You Cry” to your playlist!


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