December 9, 2023

Atom and Mikey Mic, joined forces to become Ato-Mik aka @atomikbros an independent Hip-Hop brother duo. Bringing their own unique spin on hip-hop to you from North Vancouver, Canada. Music that’s aimed to raise vibrations while encouraging a positive mindset. Setting the vibe for any occasion, especially late night car rides and early morning gym sessions. Their music is diverse at nature, eclectic hip-hop derived from many different spectrums. Ranging from the smooth sounds of the West-Coast to the NYC roots.

Ato-Mik’s latest single has started to catch ears all around the world through Tik-Tok. ‘Just Watch’ speaks to cutting off fake friends and ignoring false prophets as it is easy to be misled by people who don’t have the best intentions in mind. People tend to just watch and talk behind people’s backs when they are trying something different.

Until that person takes off leaving all the non-believers behind who eventually became fans, to say they once knew that perceived “popular” person. Sometimes no-one seems to cares about you until it’s too late. As the saying goes ‘They don’t really care about us now, wait until we blow up, just watch!’

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