February 24, 2024

Independent artist NVU R MANI drops his single “Ragdolls”. If you thought that the artist had a marvelously soulful and cosmically laidback aesthetic on his previous tracks, then this new single is that and more. It definitely seems like NVU R MANI has developed this theme tremendously, and “Ragdolls” may just be a sign that he has already mastered it fully. The song is gorgeously warm and summery, crafted with heartfelt lyrics and liquid backdrop that melts under the narrative.

The song leans more towards gentle R&B and soul stylings, than NVU R MANI’s usual rap and hip-hop ruminations. Though the beat still retains that slapping urban edge. The sound is distinctively NVU R MANI, but with an unusual progression – it’s somehow sharp and blurry at the same time. All of which emphasizes the song’s sophistication.

“Ragdolls” arrives with such an immaculately constructed sound and aesthetic that it swiftly becomes a creative earworm. The track fluctuates between an airy, melodic rhythm with soft electronic keys and a slow-burning tempo whose beat drops keep listeners locked in. Making it hard for any listener to not steadily bob their head while it’s playing.

“Ragdolls” finds NVU R MANI reflecting and reminiscing on his love life, as his thoughts transition between doubts and certainties, within a vibe of mystique and marvel. There are flashes of real yearning present. NVU R MANI’s voice is poignant and carefully nuanced, almost conversational and comfortable. It perfectly fits the broody and dreamy sonic atmosphere.

NVU R MANI is unrelenting in his forward trajectory by shifting his sound with each new project, but he’s grounded in a refined electro-synth sound, with powerful hip-hop percussion, a relatable narrative, and an all-embracing crossover sound that will draw new wave urban music fans to him. There is a real sense that he’s closer than ever to striking the perfect balance between all of these elements on “Ragdolls”.

All throughout his catalog NVU R MANI has established a series of recognizable vocal identifiers and signatures, between his mellifluous crooning, flurries of quasi-conversational lyrics, and rapping outbursts punctuating pockets of beat-driven space. But this time around, NVU R MANI goes with the first two options, bathing his sound in shimmering night-lit textures.

“Ragdolls” is NVU R MANI’s most concise and aesthetically focused track yet. The song has a sense of longing and regret about it, which is easily relatable to anybody listening. Artists that blur the line between singing and rapping have only grown in popularity during these last few years and NVU R MANI has proved himself to be a top-notch performer in that lane. His sound is becoming more polished over time and it is leading towards something even more impactful.


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