December 9, 2023

DannyboyVA is an artist/producer with a multitude of talent. He has put together a catalog of compositions songs and instrumentals that will allow listeners to travel with him back through time. From High School’s first love to the College Dorm Room. From the bachelor pad to the married life. These compositions include titles such as “Which Way Did She Go, Freak On, How My Weekend Went, Healing, and Karma” that were all written, recorded but, never majorly released. His focus is to build a brand allowing growth for fan-based extension. In attempt to gain revenue through song sales and beat (instrumental) sales.

Danny is a husband, father, US Army soldier, student, and gentleman who has taken joy in writing, singing, and creating music. He is taking this opportunity to share a catalog of titles which will allow listeners to take a walk with him as he strolls down memory lane to vast areas of his life. This catalog includes ballads, club anthems, slow jams, smooth jazz, and love grooves. Along this road with still much asphalt to travel he invites all to walk with him as he tells a few stories some true and some fictional. Dannyboy attended Norfolk State University in 1997- 2003, where he studied Music & Media on a choral scholarship.

DannyboyVA is on radio rotation with the track “Supa Shawty” ft. Jay Holla

Stream his music on SPOTIFY.

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