September 25, 2023

Dave Linton is an independent Reggae and Ska singer, songwriter and musician from the West Midlands, UK. The underpinning theme of Dave’s music and message is all about peace, harmony, and inclusion within universal love amongst all people of all cultures and origins. Dave, a keyboard player with Strictly UB40 (Tribute to UB40), XODUS (Tribute to Bob Marley and The Wailers) and a session player with other bands, has performed live all around the UK since his teenage years. He has performed alongside many established musicians in the industry, such as members of UB40, Steel Pulse, The Specials, and The Selecter, among many others.

Since the 2020 lockdown, Dave Linton has spent more time focusing on songwriting and releasing new music. Currently working on the release of the album “Reset” which is due to be on sale in early 2021. In the meantime he whets our appetites with his single, “Counting Down The Days”. For the reggae newbie, this should be your next stop. Dave’s vocals are peerless, the song has a great melody and has something to say.

As potent ideologically as musically, “Counting Down The Days” has an ear-warming tune, a steady, infectious rhythm, and some very classy and tasteful drumming from Dave Linton (aka Redman), who shares the same name as our lead artist. This song is an anthem for the state of society today, in these troubled times of Covid-19 and lockdowns, as well the hope of the people for tomorrow.

The bass line drives the song while the keyboard gives it a bright feel. Towards the last quarter of the song, Dave throws in a rap about the state of things. It commands our attention mostly because the style is so different from the rest of the otherwise mellifluous track. This is everything you could want from a reggae tune today. Catchy musical vibes, and deep lyrical observations.

Dave Linton lays out the dramatic current picture of social distancing, in a society already divided by cultural, political and other discriminating issues. However his narrative states that he is waiting, hoping and praying for things to turn back to normal. Though “Counting Down The Days” displays a mastery of traditional reggae sound, with a fetching, buoyant beat, the single also boasts an unmistakably modern edge.

Dave Linton is clearly ready to usher the often static Reggae genre into the next decade, with a topical and relevant track. “Counting Down The Days” is powerful in both its heartfelt message and in its infectious, airy melody. It goes without saying that the subject is an emotional one, and the power of Dave’s conviction is clear in the strength of his voice.

Today, it’s all too easy to throw on a bright, mellifluous record and sink into its hooky rhythm without truly receiving a positive message of any social relevance. “Counting Down The Days”, switches the template, as Dave Linton sends out an informative of the world’s fragile sense of unity, made worse by current events.

However it’s clear he is not giving up any time soon, despite the adversity, as he sings: “I’m counting down the days. Gonna carry on showing my bravest face. Counting down, trying to stop myself from pulling a frown. Counting down until our time can be found.”

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The Upcoming Album Cover
The Upcoming Album Cover

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