Cesar Belifonte – “Krossy”

Since originally bursting onto the scene, San Francisco-born and San Diego-raised hip-hop artist, Cesar Belifonte, has been about stealing the show and creating unforgettable moments with his tracks. In 2020 Belifonte went on to amass an impressive discography, with over 250 songs recorded in one year alone. And now he continues with his latest single offering – “Krossy”. The single aims high and doesn’t fall short at gaining everyone’s attention, maintaining it, and raising the bar for catchy and bumping track construction.

Cesar Belifonte shapes his stories from the streets of South East San Diego. “I was heavily influenced by the Skyline Piru Gang,” elaborates Belifonte, “which is where a lot of my lingo comes from.” On his latest single, the rapper spends the narrative on delving into the essence of being a Krossy – a person who comes from the other side of town. In the song, Belifonte describes himself, as a Krossy you don’t fuck with.

“If you get caught on the wrong side of town, the possibilities are endless,” says Cesar Belifonte. His approach allows the necessary focus of the subject to hit home hard, as his lyrics and flow slice through the banging beat.

Belifonte is as spry as ever, defying the unwritten laws of home territories with every breathless bar. He challenges the enemy and claims the pussy. Hell, he’s approached this project with passion and devotion, as he takes on a boastful and domineering posture, reflecting on his status as a distinguished “Krossy”.

The most refreshing thing about “Krossy”, is that it’s far better than it could have been. For the most part, it definitely refuses to give in to more recent trends, sticking to a sound that Cesar Belifonte feels naturally comfortable over.

Another positive takeaway is the vibe the song creates, once the beat ignites the momentum.  Glazing the steady-paced production with his refined pen, wheel-up worthy punchlines and smooth flow, we seamlessly travel into Cesar Belifonte’s world as a “Krossy”.

If you’ll jump at the chance to listen to something that isn’t just a few slurred bars over a psychedelic backdrop, this one may be for you. The vibrant and colorful beat, blends seamlessly with Cesar Belifonte’s well-thought out lyrics, and allows the listener to openly hear his story whilst enjoying the music that he’s created. On “Krossy”, Cesar Belifonte manages to strike the exact right balance between raw underground power and smooth mainstream appeal.

On “Krossy”, Cesar Belifonte proves he can keep an audience engaged, purely by way of his charisma and cadence. Whether he’s flexing his endeavors, or blowing off steam, Belifonte’s lyrical flare is only intensified by his outstanding performance.


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“One love to the Bay Area. One love SouthEast San Diego. Free my Big Bro MidNight from Spring Valley. Shout out to Gutta Tarantino with 42Mafia. I love you Anisa & Amina. And God protect me from my enemies and soft their hearts… #Amen”

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