September 22, 2023

Dejan Ivkovic aka Wildrave, from Smederevo (Mihajlovac) Serbia, is the owner of Only Good Vibes – a platform for talented artists.  Wildrave, Chupwell & FLR now join forces on the dance banger, “For The Night”. Listening to this song, if there one thing we know that they can do, its craft a huge hit-sounding song. The track which marries festival-ready synths with stadium-sized basslines and a catchy pop melody, sounds like a definitive EDM crossover hit.

“For The Night” stands out as beautifully performed dance-pop song with a notably strong arrangement, where everything blends seamlessly into the song. Wildrave, Chupwell & FLR target our collective pleasure centers with pinpoint aim from an impressive array of angles, and when they hit the center, “For The Night” explodes into rich and expressive hues.

“For The Night” sounds like a true-to-current-standards recording. The simmering hi-hat and drumbeat that drives the rhythm is buried just deep enough in the mix so that the bassline percolates with scintillating energy, and allows the melody to pay off with a well-delivered and gripping vocal hook. The vocals soar through the mix, while what’s going on below is a masterclass in dancefloor groove.

This type of song is the kind fans like most. It’s super catchy, easy to dance to, and has some meaningful lyrics. “For The Night” by Wildrave, Chupwell & FLR is extremely hard hitting, irresistible, and definitely a monster dancefloor banger. Ultimately, this track shows that Dejan Ivkovic aka Wildrave and the rest of the crew over at Only Good Vibes are brilliant at what they do.





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