Thermb2fly – “Where My Money”

Therman Leon Tatum is an African American Hip Hop Artist from Inglewood, California whose stage name is “Thermb2fly”. Although he is proud of his Inglewood, California roots, Thermb2fly’s sound is not limited to a specific coast or region. Traveling the world at a young age enables Thermb2fly to incorporate influences from all over the globe in his music. Evidence of that is the fact that in less than 2 years, Thermb2fly has worked with many artists from all over the nation such as Cory Gunz, Yung LA, Lexii Alijai, Gemstones, Rich the Kid, and more.

After the success of his debut album, “Win the Race”, Thermb2fly built momentum in 2019 as a featured Artist on the Get Money Stop Hatin Tour and the Who’s the Hottest platform. In 2020, Thermb2fly is gearing up to go all-in with his new project, “Godly”, which is set to release this Fall. Leading up to the album release, expect Thermb2fly to drop 3-4 singles throughout the summer of 2020.

In addition to being an artist, songwriter, and publisher, Thermb2fly is also a humanitarian. Hip hop has a stigma of promoting violence, bravado, and general negativity. Thermb2fly’s music has a special way of conforming to the overall culture of mainstream hip hop music without reinforcing negative stereotypes, while simultaneously pushing an agenda of hope to his listeners. “The positive influence and potential I have in what I do is something everyone should hear and hopefully take in and apply to themselves in some way, shape, or form. We all can be great no matter who you are.” — Thermb2fly

Thermb2fly is on radio rotation with the track “Where My Money”.

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