December 9, 2023

PAPA FINNIGAN is one who has recorded, toured and performed with the best in Reggae Music. He was an early Dance Hall sensation as a part of the pioneering duo of PAPA FINNIGAN and JUNIOR RANKIN. FINNIGAN has recorded for many labels over the years, with his latest being INI Records International Inc. “Jah Love” and “Friends” where his two initial releases, now he drops the latest, “SAME WAY”. Classic sounds for die hard Reggae fans worldwide.

“My vision for Reggae music, as an artist, is to make the world a better place with love. As a performer, I want my audience to feel much love as possible. If I can do that it makes me happy'” – PAPA FINNIGAN

PAPA FINNIGAN is on radio rotation with “SAME WAY”.

SAME WAY just released on all Music Digital Platforms everywhere!!

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