December 9, 2023

In hip hop and rap, there are going to be players who do things their way. They don’t care for the industry standards, they have their own way of doing things and are damn good at what they do. The aforementioned genres have produced many of these people in recent years, one of them being Cambridge, Ontario rapper, Smokefacetrippy. Coming up from the streets, he makes his way to the booth, to passionately pump out bangers. One of which is the single, “Range Rover”. Smokefacetrippy does not require several listens before the brilliance of his gift resonates. He isn’t overly concerned with heady concepts, at least not by way of pushing such angles via his music.

Instead, the Ontario rapper does something few artists master which is to welcome the listener to experience his world in real-time and his latest release, “Range Rover”, achieves that feat. Smokefacetrippy uses his ear-catching vocal instrument to great effect. His music works from an impulsive yet soulful space and what never slips out his reach is the memorable impression he leaves.

All across “Range Rover”, Smokefacetrippy’s street-savvy visuals are as sharp as they can be. On “Range Rover”, he shows himself to be one of the most charismatic rappers out there. The man has a seemingly endless stream of one-liners ready to use at any time. Between the stomping, yet atmospheric production, and his incessant rhyme scheme, Smokefacetrippy has a distinct aesthetic.

“Range Rover” is loaded with handfuls of memorable bars and magnetic confidence, where Smokefacetrippy comes across as a notable presence behind the mic, propelled by personality and purpose. The whole thing is an exercise in ill-storytelling and a beat laced in bang. If there is still such a thing as a Hip Hop underground, then Smokefacetrippy is among its groovier leaders.

Smokefacetrippy verses are constantly splitting off and opening up, giving the song a sense of propulsion and surprise. The production is just as quicksilver. Rap is primed for a new kind of energy that will help it evolve in an era where the sound of technology will only get louder.

Hence voices will need to be stronger to occupy the centrality of any musical projects. Its artists like Smokefacetrippy who will manage to ensure that their voices don’t get lost in the noise.

Once the beat settles in on “Range Rover”, it’s hard not to get lost in the song. Smokefacetrippy’s exuberance draws you right into his world, suggesting we’re dealing with a real talent who will only keep growing as a rapper.

He weaves in and out of the beat creating a head-nodding groove that will put a smile on your face. This body of work occupies its own respectable lane, due to remaining intrinsically connected to the artist’s effectiveness as a rapper, and his expert-level ear for production.

OFFICIAL LINKS: Instagram: @smokefacetrippy_ / Twitter: @smokefacetripp / SOUNDCLOUD / YOUTUBE

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