Gio Martini – “Pinta Vibes” from the album “Concrete Jungle”

Born in southern California, Gio Martini (a U.S Vet) was known for his love of basketball and music. At the age of 10, this beat-crushing monster was already smashing the drums to hit bands such as Rush, Judas Priest, and Slayer.

Later introduced to popular hip-hop artist Bone Thugs & Harmony, he would experience a new love for the lyrical side of east coast hip hop. From Wutang Clan to Eminem, Big L, and Nas, his music library was full of new waves.

​Getting into the rap scene around 2004, Gio experienced a new type of rap sweeping the nation and quit shortly before joining the army. Putting down the mic, he charged into battle. Returning home in 2013 he was saddened to find that rap had lost its roots. Deciding to do something about it Gio Martini took up the pen once again to show the world that rap still exists.

If you were to compare Gio’s sound it would definitely be closest to Kendrick Lamar, Lil weirdo, Young uno, and ScHoolboy Q. His new album “Concrete Jungle” drops on all platforms August 22nd.

They told me that the game is locked, so I’m breakin in like home invasions,” Gio Martini.


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