December 4, 2023

Max Small is an independent musician, songwriter and producer from Gotland, Sweden that dabbles in a whole lot of different genres. Most notably, in recent times, he has found his footing in the Pop direction, which is where he is heading with his latest single “Domino” – a perfect and catchy, singalong groove to free your mind and light up your summer. There’s a cheeky swagger to the song, the sound of a fresh artist, vitalized and ready to take on all-comers. The track is filled with smart lyrical couplets and naggingly infectious choruses. There’s a higher reliance on guitars than Small’s pop contemporaries, and this helps to raise the track to a level above the normal indie-pop shout-along songs powered by bombastic synths.

Regardless of the fact that Max Small is just a little agitated in the song’s narrative, as he speaks his mind on some relationship issues, “Domino” is also a tremendous amount of fun. It’s the way the beat lazily drags you into its rhythm, and the guitars jangle all around your head.

Contrasting with the sardonic lyrics, the beat is slick and sleek. Max Small is that rarest of type of artist, a highly preened and principled indie act with massive crossover potential. In its apparent simplicity, “Domino”, has the potential of being a sophisticated giant of a breakthrough single, which will not only be on the lips of the indie-pop kids, but taken straight to heart by the casual radio-listening public.

The song re-emphasizes the importance of refined song-craft, which is what ultimately, makes the best tracks so memorable, regardless of genre or style. It glides and soars on smooth mellifluous vocals, a warm melody, and mesmerizing guitar work.

Boasting a propulsive summer-styled beat “Domino” encompasses a delectably clean palette of sound. The elegant drive of its guitar-strummed pomp is a jubilant joy to behold. Max Small clearly has a deft grip on the art of making a great pop record. And that’s really what Small is about here: showcasing his ability as an architect of triumphant pop that’s accessible to everyone.

Max Small’s formula of strutting guitar strums, and an effortless beat, has a fresh sense of brio and brawn. “Domino” is a class act, polished, honed, several cuts above the usual, hollering pop herd. The cheeky, confrontational and playful vivaciousness of the track, captures the best elements of the Swedish indie artist. “Domino” is confident and endlessly bopping.

Max Small knows how to excite listeners, while sounding excited himself. Not an easy feat, but something that this single manages to do effortlessly. “Domino” forges a sound that suits Small very well. This is the type of song you will fall instantly in love with, and listen to continuously until you wear it out.


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