December 8, 2023

NY’AIRA is a multi-talented vocalist and songwriter born in Aurora, OH and raised in Detroit, MI and Los Angeles. She has a vast array of musical influences and has opened for Zapp & Roger, and the Dazz Ban, performed on Broadway, Disney UK and Paris, as well as an industry showcase with David Foster. She has also featured on ABC, NBC, FOX Disney, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, and HBO. The energy NY’AIRA radiates throughout her music is very strong and relatable because she brings a rollercoaster or emotions and technical ability to the table with each of her songs.  Known for her agile, and resonant voice, NY’AIRA is a powerhouse vocalist, and she proves it on her singles, “Thinking” and “H.a.B”.

If you’re looking for a high octane and extremely vocal record, you’re in the right lane with “Thinking”, where NY’AIRA forges a richly layered neo-R&B palette with edgy hip-hop and pop undertones. NY’AIRA is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of redundant sounds and images.

She has a soulful voice and an authentic demeanor which of course carries over into this song. To make authentic music is to have a responsibility at conveying feelings in a way that isn’t expressed often. This is what NY’AIRA achieves here.

Despite mainstream standards in the music industry, NY’AIRA puts everything that truly makes her who she is at the forefront of her artistry. The sense of urgency to execute her own vision is what creates songs like “Thinking”, where the crazy music genius, and her virtuoso vocals connect you to an extraordinary artist. Whether it be subconsciously or consciously, listeners can sense when an artist is convincingly credible on a record and that candor is what they gravitate towards.

NY’AIRA possesses that aforementioned artistic candor in bucket loads, and on “H.a.B” she again reveals her uncanny vocal skill and range. The music is seductive, slinky, and sultry, with some theatrical flair thrown in there. Her voice is at its most distinct, while the production has a minimal neo-soul vibe.

Moreover, NY’AIRA knows how to and where to place inflections that give the song life. She punctuates all the implications of the words with invigorating precision. NY’AIRA is a perfect example of how being able to sing is more than about being able to hit notes. The result is a fully-realized and nuanced work.

Divinely contoured, wonderfully precise experiences, “Thinking” and “H.a.B” both make for an exquisite listen. There’s an over-arching sense of purpose which allows these songs to find for their place in the modern music scenario.

These are songs that stake a claim with their own perspective, daring to be different, while NY’AIRA’s perfectionist streak, and emotional delivery, is balanced against creative use of sonics. There’s an air of confidence in every performance. NY’AIRA is a natural talent with a forward thinking attitude and one hell of a voice.

Twitter: @nyairacollins
IG: @nyairacollins
FB: nyairacollins

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