December 9, 2023

B’zurkk’s latest track, “Survival” is a captivating tour-de-force from one of underground’s most animated rappers. He uses his dynamic theatricality to add some cinematic flair to hard-hitting traditional lyricism that makes it more than just bars streaming through a speaker. Describing B’zurkk’s music takes concentrated effort if you want to fully capture its listening benefits. Each layer, depth, and stylistic choice adds to our constantly-changing perception of the rapper’s creative playing field. It makes it all the more engrossing because of it. Born in Portales and raised in Clovis, NM, while currently residing in Englewood, CO, B’zurkk is a motivated, disciplined and fiercely independent artist who writes, performs, mixes and produces his own music.

B’zurkk’s rap style is constantly in flux, and he’s deft with his rhymes, but in a different way than rappers who rely on their speed to offset the quality of blandness in their deliveries. Conversely, each one of B’zurkk’s rhymes is packed with abrasive energy to compliment the swiftness of his delivery.

“Survival” is a captivating exploration of his rap style’s strengths. It’s tight and absolutely flooring; a cinematic universe with a maze of moving intricate parts culled within a busy and slamming beat. The effect is impacting and impressive.

Make no mistake, his intense, abrasive tone isn’t meant to be a distraction from lyrical capability, as is often the case with lesser rappers. B’zurkk carefully chooses every word and syllable, contributing to a feeling of the rhymes being assembled from a technicity of the highest grade.

B’zurkk ability to keep the listener entertained by his delivery in addition to what he’s saying effectively captivates his audience. He is showing every side of himself in “Survival”, and all the ability he has.

Each bar is worth a rewind on “Survival”, and B’zurkk doesn’t let a second waste once he starts, letting his narrative unfold in a stream of consciousness. He isn’t trying to shove or force his messages, but discuss and elaborate on his thoughts and experiences.

Moreover, the rapping performed to tell his story is done at an impeccable level, almost compelling you to listen. This single project is one of the best of its kind this year. B’zurkk sounds intent on carefully crafting his career and is giving one great performance after another to achieve a rap supremacy that matters.

As “Survival” plays, you hear B’zurkk growing stronger and more comfortable with the beat. This is the kind of song he is perfecting his technique for. But underneath the technique lies all the essential emotion and grit needed, to make the song connect with listeners.

In an era where lyrical ability in hip hop is becoming more and more irrelevant, B’zurkk presents thoughtful ideas through his relentless efficiency and intensity. This makes him stand well above the pack. He exhibits a sense of care for what he says and how he delivers his words. An artist in complete command of his craft, this all sounds as easy as breathing for B’zurkk.

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