September 28, 2023

Damu 5avage is another young musical talent at the forefront of the melodic hip-hop music scene. His latest project “Rick 5avage” is the culmination of hard work and determination. It sounds like growth, it sounds southern, it sounds raw and uncut, but more than anything it sounds like he really took his time with this project and settled for nothing less than a first-class release. This is a melting pot of so many different sounds, feelings, textures, thoughts, ideas, and melodies. Damu 5avage sounds confident in having good music with a message and careful strategy to break into an industry largely dominated by a select few gatekeepers.

Smooth melodies entwined with a sophisticated exploration of all-embracing sounds and trap beats, finds Damu 5avage hitting the ball running with this new 11 track album “Rick 5avage”. Traversing the peaks and troughs of his experiences and mindset, this mesmerizing project not only demonstrates his expansion in terms of collaborations and production choices, but presents the various sides to this multifaceted artist.

Standing out with a sound that sticks is required when you want to be remembered. Damu 5avage has a voice that sounds like it was made to coerce and excite. More incredibly, Damu has constructed a melting pot on “Rick 5avage”, where his sonic worlds can intersect and coexist with his voice. There’s a richness in the layering of keyboard riffs, hip-hop’s infectious bounce, R&B’s soft smoothness, and the skittering swing of trap.

Damu 5avage’s artistic strength lies in his musicality, which he unfolds from the opening track “Mortify” ft. EOD Bizzle. By the time you hit the shimmering guitar intro on “Colors” ft. EOD Bizzle, you notice that these songs share a notable sense of quality and creative identity. Thoughtful, meticulous, and concept-focused, the tracks display not only Damu 5avage’s unique vocals gifts, but also his storyteller tricks. This is a perfectly enamoring skillset.

The pianos resonate on “Top Shotta”, the bass booms on the slow-burning “Changing Wrlds” ft. 10x Baby, and the synths powerfully shrill on “Overnight” ft. EOD Bizzle, while Damu 5avage’s and his features  bring their A-game. There are some grabbing piano lines and stirring string arrangements on “Barely Open”, while “Super Solid” ft. EOD Juug brings a dark and ominous sounding vibe. The vocals are stacked, and how the beat builds around them is brilliant.

The bounce is infectious on “Laceration”, while Damu 5avage extends his eclectic vocal twist. “Barnacles” ft. EOD Bizzle is infused with surgical urgency, as the voices switch around like a tag team.  Damu 5avage has the lines that make hit replay, mixed with melodies and songwriting that will appeal to a broad spectrum of ears. The bassline and the rattling percussion pushes the momentum on “Love & Loyalty” ft. D.Foster and EOD Juug, before Damu 5avage closes the show down with “Thug Life”.

Sonically, Damu 5avage is expanding his palette on “Rick 5avage”, while applying all the tricks that make his songs stand out. There is a determined effort to make each song its own world. On top of it all, everything sounds well-written, and well-executed. This album will definitely elevate Damu 5avage’s status in the game.

OFFICIAL LINKS – Ig: Damu_5avage – Fb: Damu savage – SpotifyYouTube

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