December 9, 2023

Yet again, Samskara Rad reinvests in his musical creativity, reinforcing his sonic shapeshifting. His New single Ghetto Of Love reimagines an old song from his post-punk days as a progressive hyper-colour reggaeton jam. Samskara Rad initially wrote Ghetto Of Love in the early 1980’s when he was in his band The Mood in Melbourne, Australia – Moving into the suburb of St Kilda, which inspired him to write Ghetto Of Love.

You can listen to the original version here:

The demo got some airplay on 3XY, a radio station in Melbourne and came second in a battle of the Bands competition, however The Mood broke up before he could release any of these songs. Now, off the back of his turn to more modern sounds, Samskara Rad has reimagined his tale of St Kilda’s underworld amongst a modern fusion of EDM and Reggae, once again enlisting the production talents of Austin Leeds (Avicii).

This new approach reinvigorates Ghetto Of Love with an energy fit for the modern under-class, empowering and undeniably catchy. Samskara Rad is very thankful that he is now getting another chance to make music. “You can’t stop creativity” he says “It’s in your blood”.


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