December 9, 2023

August Rayne has decided to gift her fans with the deluxe remix of her track “Stay With Me”, which now features Timothy Isaiah. If you haven’t listened to the original version, you are truly missing out. But not to worry, this piece of R&B perfection is an elaborate continuation of the original version, with some fine rapping verses thrown into the smooth mix, for added edge and listening pleasure. For those still living under a rock, August Rayne is a deliciously attractive and stunningly talented artist hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, where she grew up singing in the church choir.

Originally written by Raven Simmons, Ashley Smith, Renaldo “Fantasticks” Steward and Davion Newble, “Stay With Me (Remix)” ft. Timothy Isaiah, comes out of the box with a complete overhaul in the engine room, and it is August Rayne’s second consecutive triumph after last year’s success with “Messed Up”.

Multitudes shimmer through every other crevice of this recording, whether the rumbling, liquid drum and bass groove, or the ambition of two performers, sending the listener on a paper airplane ride from one emotion to another.

“Stay With Me (Remix)” ft. Timothy Isaiah, is juxtaposed by chill, and sparked by the contrasting sentiments of love and denial. “You know my vibe is irreplaceable. You know my love is unattainable. I know you want to stay with me,” sings August Rayne.

Her self-empowered honesty sprouting from every pore. The song would smolder in a sultry, enclosed space, mesmerizing the club’s mass of humanity. Equally as impressive is August’s light, emotional touches, allowing the song to ascend to a higher level. There is a laudable beauty to her vocal delivery.

Timothy Isaiah, on the other hand, has the unenviable task of opening the track, and setting its mood. Something he achieves rather effortlessly. His flow sits right in the pocket, finding the sweet spot of the beat.

His flow is tight and smooth, with just the right amount of cynicism to add a sting to his tale. He provides the perfect launch pad for August Rayne to come in on. So with that, Timothy Isaiah keeps faith in what he can do well, and in all honesty, it’s a lot.

The song’s climatic production from verse-to-chorus, accentuates August Rayne’ nuanced delivery, and presents a woman who is on the move and knows what she wants. She returns with this solid body of work, which expresses her vast skillset and personal flair within her music.

Each line on “Stay With Me (Remix)” ft. Timothy Isaiah speaks to the listener, making it a song with both an emotional and personable element. Through each melodic note, August delivers a track that is truly unforgettable.

August Rayne oozes confidence and the lyrics give off a special and sensual feel. Her vocals provide an out-of-body element to the song that highlight August’s diverse musicality.

“Stay With Me (Remix)” ft. Timothy Isaiah takes us along a unique sonic experience that allows us to peek into the dreamscape of this remix. With raw energy and her one-of-a-kind creative voice, August Rayne releases a track oozing with artistic exploration and a sense of liberation and boundlessness.


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