December 4, 2023

It is almost impossible to not distinguish rapper and singer Ice LaVont’s voice in a sea of mixed harmonies and sounds. Following his debut release years ago, the artist has been building his brand and perfecting his craft on each new release. What initially drew me into listening to the LaVont was the uniqueness his voice held throughout his tracks. Through his ability to rhyme almost anything and his on point singing voice layered with lush production, Ice LaVont creates cleverly mixed tracks with influences from hip-hop, trap, soul, and dancehall, among other styles.

That’s why I was very excited to find out about his latest single release “Warning”. Admittedly, the title drew me in, and soon enough I was listening to his fruits of labor. Ice LaVont never fails to entice you with his beats and here we find the 27 year-old going hard alongside his synchronized melody and dancehall-inspired instrumental on this latest track.

Despite the personal an intimate heartbreak romantic story, “Warning” is a track that you can enjoy in a room full of people, or even when you feel like taking moments to really appreciate different aspects of the vocals and music production. The combination of Ice LaVont’s moody and melodic vocals, as well as the production is a blend that is made to mesmerize.

Ice LaVont holds the ability to wrap his voice around a narrative and squeeze out the emotion therein. He is one of the most stylized and unique new artists you can listen to today.  “Warning” is well worth the listen for those who enjoy hip-hop and are searching for a rhythmic and distinctive track from a promising artist.

LaVont’s ability to infuse dancehall and pop into a hip-hop track would alone be enough to deserve recognition, but he also incorporates a lush futuristic sound into his music that further sets him apart from the crowd.

Ice LaVont is another musical talent at the forefront of the Miami music scene, transplanted from California. His latest project “Warning” is the culmination of years of hard work and determination. It sounds like growth, it sounds catchy, it sounds smooth and emotional, but more than anything it sounds like he really took his time with this project and settled for nothing less than a masterpiece.

“Warning” is a melting pot of so many different sounds, feelings, textures, thoughts, ideas, and even cultures.  Artists like Ice LaVont should feel confident that having good music with a message and a careful strategy is a great way to break into an industry largely dominated by a select few gatekeepers. His versatile, warm and alluring sound, allows his music to pierce through barriers.

Ice LaVont’s single, “Warning”, encompasses storytelling – in terms of love, betrayal and emotion – while making you bob your head to the infectious beat. He delivers his tribulations from a vividly honest and mature perspective, while always remaining fully relatable. LaVont’s penmanship drips with authenticity, which can be felt through the explanation of his experiences on this track.

Ice LaVont, as an artist, creates a heartfelt narrative, which will satisfy any fan-base, while also displaying his artistry, within a catchy, ear-warming template on “Warning”. This is the kind of song, that will force thousands of listeners to look deeper, inside their own plagued relationships. You can’t help but empathize with Ice LaVont.

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