February 23, 2024

Westhawk is a Canadian producer who recently joined forces with an American rapper to drop his debut single “Guns Down” which is dedicated to the innocent lives and suffering of injustice and brutal wars. The song is a perfect foray into the music scene for Westhawk, as it showcases how he crafts music with an open-minded approach.

The music unfolds gradually, creating the perfect atmosphere and setting the right mood from the get-go, influenced by styles as diverse as West Coast & East Coast Rap, Miami Bass, Reggae, Soul, and Funk, among others.

“Guns Down” features a driven beat with a melodic backdrop, which might remind the audience of the glory days of rap (think early 2000s). Westhawk is most definitely carving out his own path, allowing different elements to inspire his flow and add a dash of authenticity and vibe to his sound. “Guns Down” is a great first chapter in what will be an exciting story for the producer.

Find out more about Westhawk, and do not miss out on this release and other music from this producer. Westhawk is on radio rotation with the track ‘Guns Down’ ft. Tonyg.

OFFICIAL LINK: https://push.fm/fl/westhawk

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