December 6, 2023

Rula x Lemony are two artists from Germany who have dropped three English singles this year – “Lord”, “Kobe” and the latest “Hit The Road”. Throughout their songs, the artists come through with so much intriguing, flow-switching presence on each track that it challenges the audience to lean forward, do some extra research and listen closer. They pass the litmus test for compelling delivery and wordplay on tracks that will earn the rising talents a widespread audience. Their resonant tones carry a warmth that brightens up the darkest of basslines; harnessing their exuberance, they flip between bombast and introspection on a whim.

After three singles, Rula x Lemony’s signature sound proves unmistakable, as their singular charisma anchors the music in an arena of its own. “Hit The Road” is record full of genuine great music — a well-developed arrangement, catchy melodic choruses, and witty lyrics that speak from his heart. You can also hear a captivating bouncy vibe layered with exotic grooves that sound better on each subsequent listen.

There is much to love about artists who are self-aware in a rap game where perception is reality, and Rula x Lemony know where they stand. Their previous two offerings proved what their laser focus is capable of, but this time around, they sound like they are enjoying the game and that’s more than enough.

When rap and hip-hop artists take the performance pressure and the weight off themselves, the results are better, and Rula x Lemony hit that perfect balance on “Hit The Road”. With razor-sharp but relaxed bars and an infectious bounce, Rula x Lemony forge readily adaptable flows and precise deliveries that can only come from inner composure and intentionality.

Rula x Lemony may hail from a distant geographic map to the native heart of the genre, but there’s a special groove in their souls that stir-up a veritable stew of melodic rap and hip-hop sounds. The two have always sounded artistically self-assured on their previous tracks, but no release translates the potency of that confidence like “Hit The Road”.

Rula x Lemony are so self-assured they don’t even break into a sweat. Their European flair is apparent in this song as they play with word choice and rhythm. Rula x Lemony know how to draw listeners in, as they rap and sing with rhythm and precision over effortless beats.

Moreover, the two work impeccably together, complementing each other’s energy and tone. There can be no doubt that their momentum will continue to roll as they drop new tracks that are downright impressive every time. Clearly, Rula x Lemony are preparing for a fruitful year, with three singles already on the shelf.

“Hit The Road” simply delivers another self-produced, sonically superior project that shows off their mastery of sounds, transitions, melody and wordplay. It thrives on a refined recipe that should help Rula x Lemony crossover from local fame to commercial heights, and further cement the collaborative project in the global English-speaking markets.


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