SistaSara – “Dimensional Portal”

Sara Fuga aka SistaSara, born and raised in Venice, Italy, with an Italian mother and Nigerian father, is an independent experimental Reggae Dub music producer. A former session drummer and backing vocalist in numerous bands and projects in Italy from 1995 till 2003, Sara moved to London, UK in Spring 2003 where she began composing, recording, arranging and mixing all her tunes.

The London Dub scene was a crucial influence in her music development and it is a core factor in her identity. Currently living in Oakland, CA where she moved in the Summer of 2015, Sara Fuga aka SistaSara never ceases to compose and create. Alongside her solo career, she collaborates with other fellow producers as a songwriter and vocalist, and also features other artists in her productions.  SistaSara is on radio rotation with the track, “Dimensional Portal”

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