March 1, 2024

When two things come together and create something captivating, there’s no reason that they should be separated. B’zurkk and his music introduce themselves as an inseparable combination in the most perfect way possible on the single “Intuition”. Together they create the story and the sound, setting the tone for their work. They bring everything from previous releases and elevate it. B’zurkk’s sound is rich and constantly progressing.

B’zurkk’s gritty tone and flow as a rapper is what makes him such an exciting talent. As a lyricist, he is sharp, and brings menacing bars, which talk about personal experiences, and careful worldly observations using clever wordplay and metaphors to portray a vivid picture of life and the abstract. The production is stellar on “Intuition”, as usual. It’s is raw in spirit, funky in grooves and soulful in execution.

“Intuition” is an astounding testament to not only to storytelling hip-hop, but also to the ability of this artist. How B’zurkk is still underground is something I still don’t fully understand. Sure, his music is not meant for simple-minded mainstream consumption, but his talents certainly deserve a much wider audience. I don’t want to overstate what B’zurkk accomplished with “Intuition”, but it’s solid in the way that a lot of his tracks are solid.

B’zurkk’s consistency might be his greatest quality. When his catalog starts bubbling up, you can pick any track, click play, and hear some raw shit with personality. His lines are full of lived-in details just to make sure you know that he knows what he’s talking about. B’zurkk stays fixated on the real world because he knows it and because he knows that it makes for compelling rap music. Maybe that fixation is what keeps him from progressing as an artist, but staying relatable.

On “Intuition, B’zurkk raps his ass off. His voice is grizzled and authoritative, and he knows how to cut through the mid-tempo, expansive beat that he’s chosen. To see where you’re going, you must understand where it all began, and B’zurkk has a clear vision of the history of his craft.  As he takes us on a journey through his mindset, “Intuitionsolidifies what those who saw the vision had always known: B’zurkk is one of the more capable wordsmiths in the game right now.

There are many captivating moments on “Intuition” as B’zurkk articulates the why, when, and how, of his storyline, offering a more profound insight into the man behind the microphone. His evolution as an artist and person is clearly shown here. Doused in smoldering production, B’zurkk sets off with the confidence of an artist that doesn’t need to prove anything  in the lyrical department but will go out of his way to unleash a mesmerizing display all the same.

In fact, B’zurkk’s impeccable lyrical ability cannot be contested, nor disputed. If you’re looking for straight-up excellent rap music with an alternative twist, the search is over.


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