December 9, 2023

Gospel singer-songwriter, Major Prophetess Sharon Wimbush has been performing for about 15 years. She wrote her EP “Like Jesus” in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic to express what the Lord feel about his people, and explain that nobody can do without Him. From being well versed in the art of performance, to understanding the scriptures and of course, bearing genuine soul into ministry, Sharon’s foolproof philosophy is evident across this recording. With an extremely supple vocal instrument encompassing intricate phrasing, pure power and a full understanding of her musical language, Sharon Wimbush is unafraid of taking melodic liberties and stretching the boundaries on the EP.

On the opening title track, “Like Jesus”, Sharon Wimbush pushes her voice, squeezing out every ounce of tonal power to get across her message. “When I was in trouble. When I was a sinner. I called up on his name, and he heard my cry. The Lord will always be there, if you wait on him,” sings Sharon, as she unfolds her testimony. Because of her ingrained belief system where there are no limits to musical expression and for the encouraging words she administers, Sharon Wimbush preaches a gospel all of her own, which rings true, to her listeners.

“If I had ten thousand tongues, they would not be enough to praise me God. If I had ten thousand tongues they would not be enough to shout the victory,” exclaims Sharon Wimbush on the track “10,000 Tongues”. The single immediately captures the listener’s ear with it’s heavy bassline and Sharon’s raw delivery.

The leads to the upbeat soul-infused swing of “Star”, which loudly proclaims that you don’t have to be a star to call on Jesus’ name. Sharon’s wonderfully raspy tone, is laced with perfectly placed background vocals and horn arrangements.

The upbeat momentum is maintained on “New Season”, which brings forth a head-nodding, handclapping rhythm propelled by Sharon Wimbush’s dynamic verses and soaring choruses. It weaves Sharon’s signature expressive delivery with a potent message.

The extremely active atmosphere surrounding the lyrics, fuels the singer’s vocal steam, which becomes even more potent on the EP closer, “Sometimes”. It caters to those who like their gospel with fire. There’s something so cool when you can tell a singer is just going for it and singing so naturally.

There is little with which to find fault on “Like Jesus”.  With everything, she pours out across this recording, artistically and spiritually, Sharon Wimbush backs up her musical belief system in a most compelling way.  It is a testament to her love of gospel ministry, the Lord, and the unapologetic fine art of making music.

It is an EP of rich and classic gospel flavors, from a woman who has found her dimension within her faith. Sharon Wimbush is steadily carving out her own lane, while bringing along her charismatic, energetic, and dynamic personality.


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