September 21, 2023

A duo or collective has something that individual artists don’t. When listening to a song by a solo artist, you feel their experiences through their words. Listening to a hip-hop group, you feel the chemistry that a room of gifted artists can produce. Over and above the artists’ experiences heard in the narrative, you feel the fire of the moment the collaboration was created. Crews like Wu-Tang Clan, N.W.A., and A$AP Mob made the model for hip-hop collectives as we know it. Flash forward to today and you will see very few hip-hop artists able or even willing to take that idea and make it their own.

Among the underground elite who have embraced this idea today, we have the multi-talented music artist Jinxed, born in Oakland, California, but representing Tucson, Arizona, and Go Getta Fya Spitta from Columbia, South Carolina. The two teamed up to create the rap group Money Influences All, combining influences from 2-Pac, Eminem, T.I., Chief Keefe, Gucci Mane, E-40 and Outkast. Together, they have worked on a number of releases, including the acclaimed “Money Influenced” EP with guest features from Nico and Gangsta Bone.

We recently caught up with the single “Nothing’s Free” By Jinxed and Go Getta Fya Spitta, which showcases the enormous expanse of their sound and vibe. Blending Hip-hop and R&B, the Money Influences All artists demonstrate exemplary range, fueling the song with smooth raps, mellifluous croons and tongue in cheek humor.

These aspects certainly make them stand out against other hip-hop groups. They excel in melodic hooks. They excel in smart wordplay. What more could you ask for in collaboration effort. Jinxed and Go Getta Fya Spitta do not follow trends. Inspired by their legendary peers, they are carving out their own niche and path.

Their chemistry is strong, as they stamp their own style on an intoxicating beat that will put you in a hazy dreamlike state on “Nothing’s Free”. The keys are warm and shimmering on top of a throbbing drumbeat, which underscores the layered vocals. Between rapping and singing, Money Influences All are bringing the best of both worlds while staying true to themselves.

Jinxed and Go Getta Fya Spitta fill the sonic space on “Nothing’s Free” with gorgeous layers that blend perfectly. The song is groovy, thoughtful, clever and bound to hit the mark. To fully understand the Money Influences All musical concept, you need to listen to a variety of tracks.

A perfect counterpoint to the previously mentioned single is the upbeat track, “Not About You”, taken from the “Money Influenced” EP. This energetic, head-nodding song, showcases the rappers in breathless mode, as they spit endless rhymes in classic style that is sonically unique for the moment, and accessible on a dance floor.

Notwithstanding the excellent beats and production standards, lyrics and delivery remain at the forefront of the Jinxed and Go Getta Fya Spitta sound. Moreover, they have entirely different but complementary styles of rapping and singing, which further sets them apart from the pack. Musically, lyrically, and stylistically, Money Influences All open up a whole new world for listeners who aren’t happy confining themselves into the current mainstream variation of the genre.

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