September 23, 2023

KING UCHE aka The FLYGERIAN, is a current touring West African/American Recording Artist. King Uche’s music is motivational and exciting in nature. The pure ambience of courage, love, pain, and hope sets The Flygerian apart from the rest. King Uche’s music is relatable, timeless, and encourages every listener to be the best version of themselves possible. Check out his newest single “Feelings” which is now available on all major music streaming platforms worldwide!

Feelings by King Uche is a celebratory jam. “This song is like my tribute to God as a thank you for all the love and grace he has shown in my life, especially this past year that was full of challenges. I channeled those feelings and emotions into music so that whoever hears it may rejoice, dance, and be happy with themselves,” says King Uche.


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