December 8, 2023

Jesse Stamps, as Production Artist began his foray into the music industry in Spring 2020 as a hobby which to his surprise became something more. His entry was an Instrumental EDM project called “Edge of Greatness.” Having had breakout favorites from his “Safe Harbor” release following that a fan favorites of “Your Bestie’s Flow” which had about 100K online streams and is still trending. He personally liked “Ixli – Team Jambox” followed by another fan classic, “Saw What You Did,” on his “Rainin’ It Down” album. He then landed a new artist collaborative Hip-Hop track “Clockwork Velocity,” and “My Chris” as a follow up with “Honey-B-Sweet” who hails from Australia. She has had her fair share of charted hits with an industry major label. For the most part he puts up EDM, Dance, & Pop music tunes. His initial track with his own vocals alongside Argentine songstress Sophia Pèrez is a new favorite titled “Milan Dreams.” Now he presents this instrumental track from his “Europa” album, “Kling on Two” with its catchy intro and mysterious flow that can only be described as otherworldly. We leave it up to you to decide.


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