OnSight Brazy – “Adolescence” & “Thinking Out Loud”

OnSight Brazy is not your average hip-hop artist. He brings a level of authenticity and depth to his music that is hard to find in today’s industry. Raised in mid-Florida, he has faced more tragedy in his young life than most people do in a lifetime. Losing his brother to gun violence, his mother to cancer and his father just last year, OnSight Brazy has been through it all. He admits that all of these losses have left him feeling like the world is not for him, but he has found solace in his children, who give him the motivation to keep going. Despite his difficult life experiences, OnSight Brazy’s latest mixtape, “Hard Bodies,” showcases his versatility and range as an artist.

The mixtape is a collection of punchy hip-hop beats, witty bars, melancholy anthems, and cinematic atmospheres that come together to create a cohesive and engaging project. Unlike some other artists who rely on one sound or formula to carry them through an entire project, OnSight Brazy’s mix-and-match approach keeps the listener on their toes and eager for what comes next.

One thing that really sets OnSight Brazy apart from other artists is his lyricism. His rhymes are smart, his wordplay is clever, and his flows are relentless. He has a way of painting vivid pictures with his words and telling stories that are both insightful and relatable. On “Hard Bodies,” he showcases his storytelling ability, delivering songs that are raw, emotional, and substantive. You can feel all his sentiments in every verse.

It’s clear that OnSight Brazy came into the studio with something to prove. He performs with a chip on his shoulder, determined to make his mark on the industry. And he does just that with “Hard Bodies.” This mixtape is ambitious, navigating the listener through a minefield of creative moments that showcase OnSight Brazy’s sound and vocal abilities. Even if you’re not a fan of his brand of hip-hop, there’s something about OnSight Brazy’s unique rapping style that is hard to ignore.

He opens up the proceedings with “Shakeback” which runs on an ethereal and soulful backdrop, upfront OnSight Brazy unpacks a series of unrelenting rhymes, quickly flexing his skillset. “Picture me” features skittering percussion and a subtle, shimmering piano, taking straight us into the resonating “Rainey Days” with its booming bottom end, and OnSight Brazy practicing his rhyming gymnastics. He unleashes a raw augmentation of everything that makes him special.

On “Thinking Out Loud”, OnSight Brazy not only reaches deep into his well of talents, he exceeds beyond any expectations placed upon him. The clean guitars strike cleanly in conjunction with OnSight Brazy’s hungry and assertive flows. He’s able to convey an envious amount of swagger backed with outspoken lyrics and impeccably placed production manipulation on “Cold Shoulders”. It would be near impossible to find a hip-hop head unimpressed by this song.

Whether you want bangers or thoughtful bars, OnSight Brazy’s got you covered, and rolls out a hybrid of both on the catchy slapping beat of “Adolescence”. The soulful song continues to show the potency of his craft as he bridges styles with effervescent production that boasts the world OnSight Brazy’s builds with his rhymes and flows. “Sunset” ft. D Blaxk keeps the soulful momentum going, before OnSight Brazy closes the show with “Reloaded”, giving us giving us a heavy hitter, intimate reflections, and mature flexes.

In a world where so many artists are vying for our attention, OnSight Brazy stands out for his honesty, his talent, and his dedication to his craft. “Hard Bodies” is a mixtape that will make listen and nod your head in agreement. It’s a recording that can be enjoyed in different moods and scenarios, making it infinitely re-listenable. OnSight Brazy is an artist with a real story to tell, and we should all be listening.

Streams – https://musi.to/OnSightBrazyHardbodied
Instagram @Osb_brazy
Manager – Bj Williams
Instagram @iamb.j

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