September 25, 2023

In his latest endeavor, Orlando Turner, better known as Big O, once again emerges as a multifaceted talent, combining his prowess as a music arranger and producer, as well as a mastering engineer. An American, hailing from the UK but with a diverse background marked by geographic transitions, Big O brings a unique perspective to his craft. His journey, from his early days crafting beats at the tender age of 13 to his recent residence in London, has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on his musical style and ethos.

The expansive trajectory of Big O’s career is nothing short of remarkable. Having traversed stateside from Atlanta, Georgia, to Birmingham, Alabama, and eventually to Orlando, Florida, where he pursued his education at Full Sail University, his commitment to honing his skills in the world of music was unwavering. Subsequently, his professional path led him to Miami, Florida, where he immersed himself in the world of live audio, before making the leap to the Bay Area.

His journey continued to unfold as he found himself in Los Angeles, where he contributed his expertise to an independent film, “Love, Art & Celibacy.” In 2013, he embarked on an international sojourn, spending a year in Osnabrueck, Germany, before finally establishing his current residence in London, UK.

Big O’s career milestones are further underscored by his notable collaborations with artists like L.O.U., P-Rawb, Skyzoo, Bizarre Ride, and Dankery Harv of Frank N Dank. His production style is a captivating blend of smooth, soulful, and experimental elements, seamlessly incorporating various samples, original keys, and synths into his sonic tapestry. His catalog, which contains various EP’s and albums, has garnered well-deserved recognition from notable publications such as Sphere of Hip Hop, Earmilk, The Word is Bond, Above Average Hip Hop, and many more.

His latest endeavor, the 2023 album titled “In The Company of Others,” is a testament to Big O’s evolution as a producer and his innate ability to curate an enthralling musical experience. The album comprises sixteen tracks that encapsulate the quintessence of hip-hop and rap, breathing life into the genre’s timeless essence.

Big O crafts an auditory landscape characterized by smooth, resonant sonic templates, characterized by thumping drums and evocative basslines, intertwined with warm and ethereal keyboard motifs. However, what truly distinguishes this epic project is the illustrious array of featured emcees, each bringing their unique flair to the table, unraveling stimulating flows, profound narratives, and clever wordplay.

Big O himself provides insight into the thematic underpinning of “In The Company of Others,” explaining that the album is a conceptual work divided into three acts. It delves into the influential forces and experiences that have molded us into the individuals we are today. This theoretical foundation infuses each track with a depth that transcends the auditory realm, inviting listeners to contemplate their own journeys and the people and environments that have shaped them.

The guest lineup on this album is a veritable who’s who of hip-hop talents, featuring luminaries such as Fashawn, Danker Harv, L.O.U., P-Rawb, Loki Loko, and many more. Their contributions elevate each track to a new level of sonic excellence, demonstrating a synergy that is the hallmark of a passion project in the making since 2018.

The track-list of “In The Company of Others” reads like a journey through the diverse tapestry of hip-hop expression. From the evocative opener, ‘Where We’re Meant to Be (Intro)’ featuring Trell Money and Abel Boquera, to the introspective and lyrically rich ‘A Cause for Concern’ featuring L.O.U. and P-Rawb, the album takes listeners on an epic odyssey.

Scratches by gman add a dynamic layer to ‘Seen it all Before,’ featuring Lomax and COSM, while ‘Generational Curses’ featuring MC² delves into the complexities of heritage and legacy. ‘Vantage Point of View,’ featuring Dray Taylor, Lynx 196.9, and Nique Robinson, offers a thought-provoking perspective on life’s journey.

‘Ms. Takes’ showcases the collaborative talents of L.O.U., Frannie EL, and P-Rawb, while ‘Win or Lose’ featuring G-HOLY reflects on life’s uncertainties. ‘Seasonal People,’ featuring P-Rawb and Rxlph, invites listeners to reflect on the transient nature of relationships, while ‘The Company We Keep,’ featuring Tyler.V, B. Chaps, Rhakim Ali, and Ohzhe, celebrates the bonds that shape our lives.

‘Green With Envy,’ featuring Mainesoul and Dankery Harv, is a sonic masterpiece complemented by gman’s scratches, and ‘Dark Bright,’ featuring L.O.U. and P-Rawb, delves into the duality of existence. ‘Wishing Well,’ featuring C. Roots, Shari, and Frannie EL, offers a poignant reflection on dreams and desires, while ‘No Regrets,’ featuring Tranzformer, 3D, and Fashawn, is a powerful anthem of self-assurance.

‘Grind,’ featuring B-SKE and Shari, pays homage to the hustle, while ‘The World Is Mine,’ featuring Loki Loko, YungLean Dough, Gotham Green, and Groove, exudes an infectious sense of confidence. Finally, ‘Farewell & Good Night (Outro)’ brings the album to a close with a sense of reflection and gratitude.

Mixed by Argiris ‘Argy W’ Psylomesis, “In The Company of Others” produced, arranged and mastered by Big O, is a musical odyssey that invites listeners to embark on a reflective journey. With its rich sonic tapestry and thought-provoking themes, it stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and artistic evolution. Big O’s meticulous craftsmanship behind the boards, and his ability to curate a diverse array of voices make this album an essential addition to any hip-hop connoisseur’s collection. It’s a project that not only resonates with the heartbeats of the genre’s classic aesthetics, but also paves the way for its future.



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