December 1, 2023

The musical journey of Wesrok, stage name for the multi-talented Percival Buddan, takes another captivating turn with the release of his latest single, “Perfectly Imperfect.” Wesrok’s life story, beginning in the quaint district of Bog Walk, St. Catherine, Jamaica, is a testament to the power of music, determination, and authenticity. Wesrok’s path was never ordinary, marked by a deep passion for both education and music.

Inspired by the legendary sounds, styles, and lyrical prowess of icons such as Kenny Rogers and Marty Robbins, as well as contemporary country music stars like Tim McGraw and Jason Aldean, Wesrok has crafted a genre he lovingly refers to as “Countreggae.” This unique blend merges the heartfelt storytelling of country music with the rhythmic vibes of reggae, resulting in a genre filled with conscious and relatable life stories that resonate deeply with audiences. His music exudes a “mellow vibe” that transcends boundaries, making it universally enjoyable.

Wesrok’s music journey reached a milestone with the release of his EP, ‘Look At Me Now,’ in early 2021. This exceptional compilation featured seven tracks, each a powerful testament to his lyrical and musical talent. From the empowering “Born As A Winner” to the soul-stirring “Poor Country Boy,” the EP showcased his remarkable storytelling and genre-blurring creativity.

Now, Wesrok invites the world to experience his latest offering, “Perfectly Imperfect.” This new single delves deep into the human experience, embracing flaws and celebrating authenticity. Wesrok’s commitment to creating music that resonates with listeners and reflects the complexity of life is once again on full display.

With Wesrok, “New Music is Always Loading,” and his dedication to making music that touches the heart remains unwavering. As he adds “Perfectly Imperfect” to his growing discography, he invites you to embark on a journey through his unique world of “Countreggae,” one that will leave an indelible mark.


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