Free VIVA Warriors Ibiza Send off Venues

Free VIVA Warriors Ibiza Send off Venues

To show thanks to all the loyal supporters and fans of Steve Lawler and the VIVA Warriors crew, Portal and VIVA have teamed up to throw a free daytime party at The Rainbow Venues, the official Ibiza send off before the summer season.
Into the final night of the Covert Weekender and we welcome CUFF: Amine Edge & Dance, Sion, Tekla, K-Lagane, Mike Jones + More. Ricardo Villalobos was masterful at Cocoon. The villa party that followed was an genuine (albeit unrelenting) highlight of the summer. And now, as we approach 70 hours without sleep, we’re deep into an after-afterparty at my neighbour’s place. I’m not quite sure how or why we ended up outside. But I’m about to bring things to an unceremonious end with a simple question: “Is there sand in my drink?”

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