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John J, Stotty P and King Low: “Known Better” from the “Underachievers 2” EP
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From the moment the 7 track EP “Underachievers 2” opens, John J, Stotty P and King Low show their style. They set the stage for what is a creative extravaganza that unabashedly embraces and surpasses their previous release “Underachievers”. The rappers retain their gift for making multisyllabic, exposition-rich tongue twisters seem effortlessly conversational, and the cinematic accompaniments are as engrossing as ever. All rousing swells and hyperkinetic beats carry the intense raps and exquisite hooks, deliciously delivered by the...

Monday, 21 January 2019
John J, Stotty p and King Low – “What It Seems” from the album “Underachievers”
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“Underachievers” is a 6 track project by the artists John J, Stotty p and King Low. On the whole, it’s an effective strategy. John J’s irrefutable star power complements Stotty p and King Low’s untamed swagger, making for a very winning combination. Three very different worlds collide on this album, and it’s nice to see the rappers stepping out of their respective comfort zones. Pop sensibility is thrown out of the window as the creative underground and alternative mindset arrives...

Sunday, 23 September 2018
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