Lorenze Beltran – “Nightlife” from the album “I’m OK”
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Lorenze Beltran is a small-town college student who likes making music and expressing his emotions through it. A nursing major with reduced free time, he loves listening to music and making his own when he has the chance. Lorenze parents always knew he loved music, but he never pursued it seriously until he was 18. One of the biggest factors was his mom’s death when I was 15. He felt like he had failed her for never starting his career...

Saturday, 25 April 2020
New organisation has launched to protect nightlife in the UK

With a number of clubs in the UK shutting in the last few months, notably in London, a new organisation’s been launched to counteract further closures and highlight the importance of nightlife. Plastic People and Crucifix Lane are two venues that have closed in the capital, with Fabric also recently threatened with closure, but Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) aims to undertake and publish research to prove to that the late-night industry has plenty of positives concerning “employment, business rates,...

Monday, 09 February 2015
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