Taylor McCants

Taylor McCants – “Forever Your Shawty”
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In every genre of music, there are three big tiers of artists. The top tiers of artists are those that are commercially successful and often beloved or at least respected by critics. The bottom tiers are those who have been unable to make it and generally are loathed by critics. Then there’s that middle tier – the underrated who haven’t yet been able to achieve gargantuan success, but definitely have achieved critical success and acclaim. For one of R&B’s most...

Sunday, 29 April 2018
Taylor McCants: “So Pretty” and “Compassion”
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As a captivating 16 year old performer and actress, Taylor McCants makes an unforgettable impression as a soul singer, giving life to a melodic sound that resonates well beyond her years. Balancing young love with the experience of urban culture, Taylor embodies the worldview of today’s youth. She brings a fresh perspective to the music world, while serenading the listener with soulful maturation usually reserved for seasoned songstresses. She hails from Akron, Ohio, where she is well known for her...

Friday, 22 September 2017
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