September 23, 2023

Bernard-Williams-StunnerStunner! Music is the musical vision and creative outlet of Bernard Williams aka “Big B.” A brilliant composer, arranger and producer, Big B has created “stunning” music that doesn’t fit modern day genres… so he created his own.  Hence the name “Stunner!”

He creates original music and beats that are available for sale or licensing for artists, TV, films, commercials, ad agencies, audio projects, video games, podcasts, parties, clubs, DJs, events and personal enjoyment.  Bernard hails from Charlottesville, VA and currently lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife and best friend, Jennipher.

Currently doing the rounds is Big B’s latest musical productions, “I Know What They Want” and “Come And Get It”.  Big B has an uncanny ability to produce the catchiest rhythms in his songs, and the production is smooth, groovy, and unoppressive with real melody, unlike a few of his music contemporaries.

Bernard “Big B” Williams

The tracks also feature some sweet and funky vocals to give the songs a luscious feel. You’ll be hard-pressed to not stand up, stomp your feet, clap your hands and bump your rump in the good old party fashion. This is smoothness personified, just great groove music and top notch production. Everything sounds pristine and detailed.

These tracks simply seduce your senses, as the titles suggest. The beats pulsate through you, while the melodies and rhythms just hypnotizes you! You’ll listen to the songs and you’ll have to keep hitting repeat. It’s like you can’t get enough; like an addiction! Yeah…just “Come And Get It”!



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