Mike Crump – “Who are you”

Mike Crump – “Who are you”

Tuesday, 06 June 2017
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Mike Crump has released his first single who are you off his 3rd mixtape titled “Master of Ceremonies” which will be coming out soon. From the album comes the track “Who are you”.

“Who are you” is a passionate song with a nice bounce to it. The song talks about people who weren’t there for you but want to reap the benefits of your success. You can hear trust issues and a no looking back type of attitude in is voice.

The cover art is Mike Crump walking away while you can see a bunch of hands reaching and trying to grab him. You can’t let people who weren’t there for you pull you down or pull you back. “Who are you” has a message while delivering a great sound, a song most certainly worth listening to.

Mike Crump is on radio rotation with the track “Who are you”

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