September 21, 2023

Who is Joni Baseball? Well, to be honest, we know as much as you do. He simply states that: “I make music”. To find out more, we moved across to check out his music profile and catalog of tracks. And discovered we now know less than we knew before, about who Joni Baseball is. There are no tow tracks the same in his collection, as Joni grabs form a kaleidoscope of influences and sources to create his own personal potpourri of sound – he is at once both experimental and avant-garde. He covers many different genres of music, kind of wrapping them up and jamming them all in tightly together. However, the overall impression is that Joni Baseball is a young man who has a lot of love for music, a lot of musical talent, and he’s enjoying his experimentation and having the ability to spend his time playing around with music. And it’s a lot of fun to listen to.

His latest track, “Just My Luck”, is probably his most accessible…at least sonically. Lyrically he’s a little more cryptic, but just as clever and wistful. Built on a sturdy drum beat and a twinkling retro piano, Joni throws down thick layers of melodic vocals and rich harmonies and counter harmonies.

Splendid to behold, the track is full of bright, relaxing chord progressions, set against Joni’s alt-emo vocals. The track’s volatility can be both thrilling and challenging, especially if you’re accustomed to the formulaic mainstream music templates.

Though accessible and not at all harsh on the ear, in any, “Just My Luck” [Prod. by Drainpuppet], is a far cry from the radio rubble we’re usually acquainted with. The song reflects the artist’s penchant for sonic expansion and experimentation in favor of the tried and tested tactics used by his contemporaries.

Joni Baseball has an uncanny ability to work with unique instrumental moments, and only tops that creativity when it comes to the vocal segments, where thoroughly indulges his pleasures. He clearly is an ambitious musical creature, but never to a fault.

“Just My Luck” [Prod. by Drainpuppet] showcases Joni’s continual evolution. It’s certainly the most endearing track he’s released. He’s recorded so far by simply being his wildly creative, non-conformist self, and encouraging his listeners to do the same.

With each successive release, it becomes more obvious that Joni Baseball is actively fighting against following the blueprint — anyone’s blueprint — for his musical endeavors, in a way that’s left his music as singular and free-spirited as any other of his generation. However, here he takes a step closer to being absolutely more accessible, yet retaining all of his distinctive qualities.

It’s tempting to consider “Just My Luck” [Prod. by Drainpuppet] as a transitional track, though it’s hard to guess what might be coming next for Joni Baseball. Given his seeming interest and appreciation for the slightly oblique, off-the-beaten track approach to music.

Whatever the case, Joni is a fascinating and brilliant enough figure that even if he just wants to record himself blowing a mouth whistle for an hour, it’ll still be worth tuning in for – at least one listen, anyway!


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