September 28, 2023

JKL aka Dr. Money is one of the best artists in the funky genre of World/ hip hop/ Reggae/ Ragga combo game today. He constantly takes time to perfect his craft and hustle. He is the type of artist that sing about real life and his personal experiences. His real name is Justin Kingland and he has greatly improved his skills on the microphone since he first started. Want to know how he became a street sensation from south-east in the world of music? The reason that his popularity has increased so much is because people recognize that he is real and always stays true to the streets. He was born on April-14 in Agulu in Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State. Throughout his childhood, he went through a lot and learned how to deal with the things of life. He has been seen a lot on street performing, showcasing and promoting himself and had to cope with the challenges that he has faced growing up. Although he grew up facing a lot of situations that turn most people fearful, he learned how to overcome what he was afraid of and express his emotions and thoughts by making his own kind of music.

Justin Kingland aka Dr. Money

JKL’s Lyrics and Influences

If you have taken the time to listen to the words that Dr. Money speaks in his lyrics, then you know he talks a lot about what he has witnessed, heard, and seen in his life. A lot of people don’t think of areas he has been and street life he had experienced as being violent or dangerous, but the truth is that there are plenty of places that most people would not want to visit. The place where he grew up made things difficult on him and those around him. He is clearly a true African that knows what the gang life is like because he has seen the way things work.

As an individual who got heavily influenced by music in the 1990’s, he began to play around with Reggae/ Ragga and kept pushing forward to improve his skills. He flowed over different beats and tried different vocal patterns that most people wouldn’t think about trying. It was people like Bob Marley, Sizzla Kalonji, Elephant man, Dre, and Daniel Wilson that he really idolized growing up. In particular, he followed Most of the Top African acts. and was greatly inspired based on what he was hearing from their records.

How Dr. Money Emerged as an Artist

JKL’s sojourn during his teenage years exposed him to playing in live bands abroad. In Ghana, he joined Roots of David band where he was a lead singer with the stage name, Ras Pillar Hard. Later in Ivory Coast, he formed his own live band called Generation Boyz. He toured and performed in clubs all over Ivory Coast with his band. Travelling to Malaysia, where he bagged a Business Management degree, did not diminish nor dim his musical proclivities. Rather, he used the opportunity to maximize his potentials. In 2005, he formed the first African reggae dancehall group in Malaysia called I and I Combination. The group’s first album entitled Jah Has Decided featured the Tamil Finest Chakrasonic. In Malaysia, he left his footprints on the local music scene, playing at various gigs and clubs across Kuala Lumpur. His big break came in 2008, when American-based 4th Quarter Entertainment invited him. His stay in the United States became a turning point, as he began to experiment with hip hop, thereby creating a funky genre of hip hop-Reggae-Ragga combo. JKL has emerged as an artist because more people are starting to take note that his music is based on real life experience.

Single cover artwork

There would eventually be several follow up JKL CD`s, all of which were well accepted by the streets. Not only did he come out with CD’s to hit stores, but he would constantly feed the streets with mixtapes. Today, he is known as one of the best mixtape, digital networking, confident, workaholic and self-individual promoter artist in the game because he constantly provides original material that you cannot find anywhere else. Dr. Money has toured across the entire United States, Africa, Europe, Asia and fans of Anambra 1st Son the putu-putu exponent really like his music because they can relate to things and situations that he brings up in his lyrics.

Why Is Dr. Money Successful?

The reason that JKL has become successful in the World/ hip hop/ Reggae/ Ragga game is not because of other people putting him on; he put himself on. He even sold records out of the trunk of his car for a while organize charity shows, visit orphanages,upon that carry along him some upcoming acts and was hustling independently, the most powerful independent music hustler that we have ever seen . Many people really liked what he was doing at the time and his music has become known as some of the best from the West Africa. He has collaborated with people like Sizzla Kalonji and Elephant man In Work Hard & Dance floor. He in turn featured established acts such as Klever Jay (in “Only you Girl”) and Y.Q. (in “shinning eyes” and a remix of Dance Floor with Elephant Man and Rock Steady).. There will surely be more success continued in the future, so be on the lookout for more of some incredible Dr. Money music.

Dr. Money is on radio rotation with the track “Odo Y3 Wu”


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