September 25, 2023

METTA is a Swedish Dj/Producer based in Hollywood, CA. He started his career as a Dj in the Swedish club scene in 2006, and soon became known playing at the No. 1 clubs in Scandinavia. A year later he started to produce his own music, leading him to be a rising independent producer in today’s EDM scene. METTA has grown his reputation over the last couple of years with a series of single releases. Not only does his latest release, “Shams” serve as a defining document in the producer’s flourishing career, but it stands as a totemic release of crossover future bass and 21st-century progressive house.

The EDM genres reflect off of one another, shimmering structures of the same architectural design. Stacking beat after stunning beat with only a few bubbling breakdowns in intensity, it feels like an effort to define a musical moment in time.

It helps that METTA has his shimmering synths. It’s not the only tool in the Swedish-born producer’s toolkit – the chugging bass lines certainly give the song its solid backbone as they scorch your feet from underneath – but on the whole, the track succeeds as it does because METTA detonates his keyboard riffs like a rock n’ roll guitar hero.

The pianos on “Shams” hit you in the chest like exploding shards of crystal. There’s something to be said for artists who actually have the sky-scraping compositions to back up their production extravagances. And “Shams” is bombastic, layered, and transcendent enough in its arrangement to merit this appellative.

METTA has been on a flourishing trajectory ever since he released “Automatic”, then “3 A.M. (remix)”, “Speechless (remix)”, and the instrumental, “Satellite”, but his unique musicality and inspired production prowess knows no bounds.

His career strives to move towards the perimeters of underground dominance, before ascending to the next level. And the only way to achieve that, is via the release of tracks on the same qualitative level as that shown on “Shams”. METTA showcases a knack with his chord progressions, while his soul bending melodies pay heed to the masters of the genre.

“Shams” exhibits the magnificence of METTA’s production prowess, and paves the fine way to a wider audience. There’s more than just emotion delivered, and the bass vibes are incredibly overpowering.

The deeply woven into the electronic fabric of quality dance music, METTA does everything right with “Shams” – the potent sound design and atmospheric groove aura, make for a perfect listening experience right from the opening bar. METTA has composed a glorious track that accumulates the sounds of summertime, excitement and extravagant club depth.

From the moment you hit play on “Shams”, you know you’re listening to an ambitious craftsman capable of producing impeccably engineered music. Whether you’re already a fan, or you’re listening to his music for the first time, you can’t help but acknowledge METTA as being undeniably what he is – a talented producer on the rise!


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