September 29, 2023

Rory L. King Sr. has been making music for years. He was born and raised in Georgia and currently lives in South Georgia. His latest release is the title cut “Baby Baby Be My Lover” from the album of the same name which can be found on all major digital download stores such as Amazon and iTunes. No one currently sets the standard of the heavy romantic mood, in the Barry White style, better than Rory L. King Sr.  does on his latest single.

When you’re chilling and listening to the radio, and a Rory L. King Sr. song comes on; you’ll immediately raise the volume. His voice is so deep, smooth and romantic, he’ll make you want to fall in love all over again. On his tracks, Rory L. King Sr. is just laying down his R&B/Soul groove in an incredibly cool, untouchable way, and “Baby Baby Be My Lover”, is proof of that.

Obviously, that deep, silky voice is captivating for its romantic powers, but, speaking as someone with no one at this time, to create the appropriate mood for, this music is also well suited for helping you mellow out and relax after a long day. When you need a little confidence boost, Rory L. King Sr. is the man. You don’t listen to his music, as much as experience it.

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