March 1, 2024

Jacques is an artist with a passion for Motown, Soul and R&B music. Recently, he released a brand new single titled Love Isn’t Good Enough, which sets the bar higher in terms of production excellence and great songwriting. The first thing you might notice is the high quality of the production. The song has a warm, timeless aesthetic to it, reminiscent of classic records from iconic artists like Al Green and Marvin Gaye, only to mention a few. However, there is also a modern component to this music, which makes me think of performers as diverse as D’Angelo and Anderson.Paak, only to mention but a few.

The song kicks off with a very expressive synthesizer melody, going for a very atmospheric feel. Later, the beat comes in along with the vocals, making for a soft-spoken, slow-paced tempo with a smooth sound. I particularly love how the artist also used some breathing sounds as part of the production, blending in perfectly with the drum machine. Jacques has a passionate and sultry voice, which brings a fantastic and emotional flavor to the mix. His voice reminds me of contemporary singers like The Weekend, but he definitely has a distinctive feel that is completely one of a kind.

All in all, I definitely recommend listening to this song to any music fan who loves songwriting with an extra edge and a focus on excellence. Every little nuance and element in this production is balanced and tailored to absolute perfection. From the expressiveness of the main vocals to the diverse feel of the percussion (also loving those bar chimes!) and the synth sounds, giving the track a smooth vibe and a lot of beautifully atmospheric elements.

Because the tempo is so relaxed, the song has a really dreamy vibe to it, giving it a cinematic atmosphere that matches the emotional intensity of the vocals. I love the very end of the song especially, as it all ends suddenly with a pitch downshifting, almost like a reel-to-reel tape suddenly being stopped. The sense of organic warmth in Jacques’s voice is truly powerful, adding more realness and raw honesty to the mix. In my opinion, this track represents the best elements found in modern R&B today!

Find out more about Jacques and do not miss out on this amazing new release, which is currently available on the web.


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