October 3, 2023

Tijuana Tay is one of the many rising acts coming out of Florida in recent years. Known for originality and distinct personalities, the Clearwater emcee brings something new to the table on every song he records. On tracks like his recent release “Like What You Do,” he comes in with a boisterous personality and a razor-sharp delivery that is sure to catch the listener’s ear with ease.

Tay can then switch it up and provide a vintage southern flow, like on his well-known hit “Reportin’ Live.” Not only does he have a budding solo career, but he has teamed up with a handful of other talents across Florida to create the Migo House collective.

Since 2014, the group has produced some of the most successful underground records to hit central Florida, and recently released their latest single “Dem Bags” featuring Mr. Serv-On of No Limit fame. Tay has been featured in Legendary Dope Boy’s Magazine as well as Gunshape State Magazine and a handful of mixtape sites. Never one to hit the brakes, Tay is ready to show the world what they are missing!



Features/Booking info: (727)614-2900
Email: migohouserecords@gmail.com

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