December 4, 2023

Skid Row Productions is a record label that focuses on what is important; investing in the music and talented artists that create it. Their “Sound of Poverty” movement evolved through a collaborative decision among Musicians, Filmmakers, Poets, Dancers and Visual Artists and administrators who had a vision to create an organization that encourages creativity, community, and an environment where artists can work on their craft freely and still grow to become financially emancipated. They are not only into developing new talent for the love of the music, but their ultimate goal includes the ending of poverty for the average artist.

Skid Row Productions is currently highlighting a series of releases, including the dance singles “Go Outside” and “Its Me”. The former track has already started to make an impact on important playlists. These tracks come with refinement, songwriting, performances and maturity that materializes after steady growth and solidity from their prior releases.

Fleshing out their talents with full-fledged sounds and choruses, pulsating electronics, and soulful vocals, while at the same time sticking to their chill sound grooves,  Skid Row Productions showcase their prowess to be at once adventurous, jamming, and partying while never losing their pensive deep-thinking caps. In fact, these tracks satisfy the mind, as much as they do the feet.

“Go Outside” includes a steady built-up of funky disco rhythms, background synths that match the haunting build-up melody, and the masterful voice-craft. The song emphasizes the need for community, standing together in times of trouble, and the need for companionship in traversing a rough world. “I just want to go outside, been stuck inside for so long. I just want to party, just to hang out with my friends. I don’t want to hurt nobody, just want to live my life.”

When Skid Row Productions break through the chorus and the main beat melody, your ears will fall apart in appreciation, and the song’s words and message will stay with you for days. “Go Outside” is a smooth dance jam for brotherly love and standing side-by-side.

The love theme is an insistent one with Skid Row Productions, who again affront the topic in “Its Me”, although they take an entirely different angle here, looking at unexpressed love.  “I wanna be the happy ending. I wanna be the ever after. I wanna be the way you feel when you’re in love and filled with laughter.”

Flirting with masterful touches, implementing twisting voice effects, and matching them with ambience to create an on-rush of catchy melodic build-up, Skid Row Productions send us a rush of smoothly euphoric percussion, and resonant keys, taking the direction of the song into an emotional ride and aurora-like melodic finishes.

It brings heartfelt introspection and an intricate ambient melody to create a love-song rooted in the need of another. Each track here is a piece of art, and its cool when songs from the same project can stand apart from another, like “Go Outside” and “Its Me” do.

If you call yourself a music fan and you own some kind of sound system or media player, there’s no reason why you should not have this added to your collection. On the contrary, if you acknowledge and understand the nobility of the “Sound of Poverty” mantra, you absolutely should own these songs, and fully support the Skid Row Productions project.





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