September 25, 2023

I’m not sure of all the things 3wayz is capable of doing on his tracks, but if he took care of business on “Downtown” then it shows that he really can sing, rap, write, produce, engineer, mix, and master. This is a song that defies expectations at every turn, a wild ride of lucid creativity that tumbles in torrents out of the speakers. Built on a rhythmic backdrop of nu-disco and funk, the track overflows with dancefloor groove. “Downtown” captures the artist’s varied sensibilities by merging layered vocals and lush instrumentation, with a thumping club rhythm into an enjoyable listen.

The sound on “Downtown” is meant to blow the speakers out at any function. This crispy, sleek basslines, sweeping strings and resonant horns squeeze their way into stereo field, bringing the track to orgasmic crescendos. The music, paired with 3wayz’ energetic delivery, dazzles with its luxurious grooves.

I’ve been making the point for years now that we need strong names in this new generation of artists who could take over the genre and force their competitors to evolve. This would give the genre a continual breath of fresh air and help it to keep redefining itself. A bunch of great artists have been coming up, adding luster to the game. Now after listening to “Downtown”, I believe we can add 3wayz to that list.

“Downtown” will have you cursing the pandemic for taking away any foreseeable opportunities of shaking your ass in the club to this song. However 3wayz has made the work an easily consumable and digestible story about cruising downtown— one meant to bring a burst of energy into the monotony of quarantine life. 3wayz makes good music and is great at deciding what would sound good on a track.

This is undoubtedly a track to vibe to – a concoction of catchy uplifting lyrics and a driving rhythm – in a songs that is just short enough to leave you craving more, but sufficiently long enough to make you appreciate 3wayz mastery and confidence. A brief run through his catalog confirms that 3wayz’ agile, youthful, but textured voice, sounds equally good over snapping dance-styled beats, densely layered cathedrals of sound, or a lone jangling guitar.

If 3wayz goal on this project was to try and place himself in the conversation of most interesting artist out right now, I feel like he succeeded. He bring a lot more life and funk to the usual rap mix, for a track that slinks around with fun. By tapping into the bass and a more up-tempo direction, 3wayz makes music that is excitingly rhythmic and easy to listen to.

You’ll love the energy in this song, and the fact that 3wayz’s lyrical style and seamless voice, fit right in with the groove. Self-awareness is key to excel in an industry that isn’t as perfect as it seems. It looks like 3wayz has quickly developed that necessary self-awareness, and is getting ready to claim his spot in the limelight with “Downtown”.

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