September 28, 2023

I.K.M.B.T is an artist originally from Nigeria, who currently resides in the Bronx. Already seeing immense growth with a series of releases, the artist is kicking his rise into overdrive with the release of his single “As of Lately”. The singer/rapper’s flow is a well-oiled machine, getting the most mileage for its buck on the market. I.K.M.B.T is purposefully polished, with adlibs, melodies, and wordplay that make for a welcome contrast to whomever exists in the same sonic space.

I.K.M.B.T’s croon-adjacent stylings move at a breakneck pace sending the track into the atmosphere before he comes in calmly, firmly grasping the string and pulling it down to bring it back to Earth. The seamless weaving in and out by the single’s star, is magical. He twirls around the production majestically, playing off its strengths. The balancing act is flawless.

I.K.M.B.T immediately embraces the speculative production with an optimistic intent. When you combine the boilerplate production and the great melodic flows, things ultimately feel really good. Here he demonstrates his effortless creative bliss as well as his versatilities as a modern artist. His is a is a masterful marriage of hip-hop, R&B, soul, reggae and other subtle African flavorings.

In pure musical terms, “As of Lately” is a joy of a track to play all the way through, a radiant blend of styles dense with warm instrumentation and ear-catching melody. Proving himself to be more than a unique voice, for its lyrical and musical scope, “As of Lately” brings to mind a number of excellent artists.

I.K.M.B.T seems to be in total control of his talent. Showing that it is not an impossible challenge for him to make something as relatable and groovy as this track. It has the kind of substance that suggests he’s built to last.

I.K.M.B.T’s melodic quicksilver flow on “As of Lately” feels overtly comfortable, as the music flows expansively from creamy harmonies to trap cadences. I.K.M.B.T is a confident and unique presence, with a strong command of style and genre, as a songwriter and performer. The artist’s musical and emotional generosity ties everything together, making “As of Lately” an expansive recording that flows in multiple directions.

This is powerful art, not only for it’s genre but for everyone who exists beyond genre constraints. It’s a beautiful reminder that, no matter where you’re coming from musically, you can go anywhere and reach glorious artistic heights. I.K.M.B.T’s skills are evident throughout “As of Lately”. The track is just as much focused on its soulful groove, as it is on exploring new musical realms. Its sonic template is definitely something worth building upon.

I.K.M.B.T has developed a genuine connection with the emotions portrayed in his music. Such heart and passion is undeniable in his vocals and a reflection of his growth as a musician and performer. In a musical world inundated with a swarm of new artists arriving each day, I.K.M.B.T manages to find his own niche with the sheer presence of his creative charisma.


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