Big Roy – “Big Weapons” from the album “The Endgining”

Big Roy born Rory King Jr. was born in Dallas Texas, but moved to Georgia at an early age. He started rapping and freestyling when he was 20 years old and has been writing and making beats ever since. Big Roy is currently promoting his single “Big Weapons”, as well as the album “The Endgining”.

“The Endgining” is jam-packed with relevant and meaningful lyrics, this is the kind of Hip-Hop that’s been missing from the contemporary music scene. Sadly this is the kind of music that’s fast becoming scarce within mainstream broadcasts, from radio to television and everything in-between.

Big Roy brings a veritable bounty of meaningful rhymes. It’s great to hear a student of the genre making genuine Hip-Hop music that’s impassioned, emotive, and enjoyable, which leans more on its lyricism and storytelling than it does on production and vibe.

With this release, Big Roy brings a bit of excitement amongst the retro community who admire wise rhymes and old-school stylings. Stylistically, Big Roy delivers each bar almost as one presents a cypher, particularly with an infectious, gritty, and passionate sound, allowing the listener to digest each and every lyric.

Big Roy probably achieved everything he promised on this album: he has taken the fundamentals of hip hop culture, in all their rawness and authenticity, and refused to compromise on anything, or ever dumb down. Big Roy hits hard on both, this album and single.

Download the song “Big Weapons” by Albany, GA artist Big Roy. The song is taken from the album “The Endgining” which can be located on AMAZON, at only $7.99 for the entire album, or .99 cents per single song.

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