BaggManQ – “Tip To3” & “I Just Missed a Call”

BaggManQ is an enigma, a rapper that is unpacking his skills and strengths on each of his releases to make the industry and fans sit up and listen. He firmly stands alone, determined to make it by himself and for himself. He is fiercely independent and is working his way to making waves in the new wave rap scene in the United States. Like most upcoming rappers, BaggManQ works with minimal resources, and an abundance of creativity. His latest epic 24 track mixtape “BGM” was almost entirely made via Rapchat, and a variety of producers. It’s no secret that the melodic sound is in right now, and BaggManQ can deliver in all departments. He is an artist with some serious versatility and ability to switch his flow and pitch up at a moment’s notice. One moment his spitting bars, the next he’s singing the hook.

The Houston native’s soothing approach can make you uncontrollably vibey on the drop of a dime. His spongy cadence protracts time and space, only allowing his world to be the main focus. Out of many of his underground contemporaries, BaggManQ may have the biggest potential when it comes to stylistic development. He has got one foot on his home turf, and the other spread across diverse national regions.

The fundamental design of a BaggManQ project this huge, requires a myriad of things, whether it be material fetishizing, feel-good fantasies, and hard-edged street tales involving verbal spit, melodic vocal chops, relatable anecdotes, and the universal rap language. BaggManQ hits on all of them without sounding derivative or conventional. If anything, he sounds more confident and resourceful than he’s ever been.

From the opening track “Tip To3” through standouts, “I Just Missed a Call”, “Tryna Make It” and “Get Me Sum Cheddar”, BaggManQ sticks to his blueprint, and within the first four tracks, already sets the tone and a high watermark for the rest of the mixtape. What really stands out beyond the personal reflections, and the banging beats, is BaggManQ’s stout vocal performance and dependable wordplay.

BaggManQ switches his flow so much, it’s hard to even pinpoint what type of structure he’s going for next. From the hazy melodic twist of “Get Up and Get It”, to the upbeat bounce of “Ring Around”, the eclectic urgency of “Better Get It” and the moody psychedelic groove of “Street Gospel”, the mixtape shows more hip-hop forms than you can imagine.  BaggManQ is not your typical trap stylist or auto-tune crooner, or even lyrical traditionalist for that matter. If anything, he travels somewhere between all of them.

The “BGM” mixtape is another milestone in BaggManQ career to connect with his fans on many levels, while using a variety of sounds. It’s an impressive effort, taking into account how it was all put together.

BaggManQ lets his creative juices soak through onto each track, as he represents the new wave in hip-hop and rap. As BaggManQ’s story is being written, he’s making every release count. He is pushing his creative boundaries, while making authentic and honest music, with just enough uniqueness to set him apart from the pack.


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