December 6, 2023

Taylor Made Da Prince, a national recording artist from Columbia, South Carolina is no stranger to standing out amongst the crowd. He garnered interest from Atlantic and Epic A&Rs with his lead single “Smile”, which was followed by the track “The Radio Girl” with a guest appearance from DJ Khaled. His sound is silky smooth, captivating listeners with both genre-bending production and insanely catchy hooks. Along with his natural ability, his use of a double vocal threat, is the epitome of what his music is going to sound like. In other words, his sound is iridescent — filled with shimmering, melodic instrumentals, a golden voice that can rap and sing, and equipped with a mature songwriting ability.

Starting to make music some years ago, Taylor Made Da Prince has always been ahead of the curve – knocking on the door of his peers with each passing release – and on his latest single “My Bad Girl”, the South Carolina native’s talent is on full display for all to hear. While short and to the point at 3 minutes 20 seconds long, the project is potent, melodic and refined, as Taylor Made Da Prince’s intrinsic gift for emotive songwriting supplies the record’s momentum throughout.

With sliding bass and crisp percussion, Taylor Made Da Prince’s voice is instantly captivating, drawing listeners in crooning about betrayal, one night stands and seeking redemption. Sultry and melodic hooks are what makes this artist so special — especially in a genre as innovative as hip-hop, which he blends with R&B and pop.

His voice exudes a level of soulful groove that is not only admirable, but relatable. Mixing positive messages with self-deprecating views, the underlying lust that radiates from the track is immersive, putting listeners at the center-stage of Taylor Made Da Prince’s mindset.

From his melodic crooning to the articulated production, Taylor Made Da Prince hits every note needed for a spectacular performance all around. Throughout the record, Taylor Made Da Prince reminds fans why it’s so easy to fall in love with his music in the first place.

With heartfelt punchlines and moving metaphors scattered all throughout, his lyricism maintains a mindful tone as his voice impresses unequivocally. The sophistication of his delivery creates a comfortable environment for the listener, with the groovy tempo sure to have heads bobbing.

“My Bad Girl” is a defining addition to both Taylor Made Da Prince’s catalog and overall artistry. His polished singing voice, fine-tuned topical songwriting and sharp delivery all come together for what should be considered as his one track magnum opus.

On this track Taylor Made Da Prince’s levels up in a major way surrounding himself with quality production, a powerful song structure, and using lyrical transparency and passion as a strong suit. Though he has quite a few projects under his belt, it appears Taylor Made Da Prince is fully hitting his stride here.

Taylor Made Da Prince’s unique vocal style has the potential to branch out if he chooses to collaborate with artists outside of his genre circle. “My Bad Girl” effectively raises the stock of the artist, who is linked to the agent, Chris “Gotti” Lorenzo. There’s no doubts about Taylor Made Da Prince. He’s precise, melodic and gifted, while his ‘love rap’ has a knack for striking a chord with his listeners.

Connect with Taylor Made Da Prince:

Facebook: Taylor Made Da Prince – Instagram @taylormadedaprince

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